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Billie Joe's new signature Les Paul
So it seems that in the midst of all the recording, traveling, playing, interviews, photo shoots, and music releases, Billie Joe found time to collaborate with the Gibson Guitar Company to produce his third signature guitar.

This model is designed to resemble one of Billie Joe's vintage double-cutaway Les Paul Juniors. You may not know it by the name, but you'd recognize the guitar if you saw it. The only difference between the signature model and the real thing is that the spray painted Adeline skull logo on Billie Joe's guitar was replaced with a smaller decal on the signature model's pick guard.

Based on the details listed on MusiciansFriend.com, the guitar will only be available in "TV yellow," as shown in the picture above. These new signature guitars will be available on August 20th. Since the guitar has not been released to the public yet, customers can only preorder the guitar from Musician's Friend or Guitar Center. The price is set at $1,199.99, which is to be expected for a good-quality Gibson guitar.

Billie Joe has worked with Gibson on two other signature guitars in the past. In 2006, Gibson released the Billie Joe Armstrong signature Les Paul Junior, modeled after Billie Joe's beloved, beat-to-hell '56 Junior, "Floyd." Then, in 2010, Gibson released the Billie Joe Armstrong J-180, modeled after the acoustic guitar Billie Joe used during the 21st Century Breakdown tour encores. This guitar was made in extremely limited quantities, and will cost you almost $4,000. Yikes.....hope it sounds like angels!

If you're on the hunt for a guitar and have some cash to shell out, you can't go wrong with a Gibson. The three models mentioned above are really great guitars, and can help you achieve the "Green Day sound." Since the new double-cutaway Les Paul Junior is the cheapest of all three, it may be a good option for someone just getting into the Gibson market. Got one of the older Billie Joe signatures? Tell us about it in the comments!

Thanks to Clinton for sending in this news.
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