[caption=Cover of the September issue of Big Cheese]091012_bigmag.jpg[/caption]The latest issue of Big Cheese Magazine from the UK features an article on Green Day along with a fold-out poster of the the ¡Uno! cover. The article features a recap of all the news surrounding the trilogy, where the idea came from, why they're doing it, and what people can expect from it. It's a nice summary of everything that's happened in the last 7 months. Here's a quote from the article

[quote]It seems like for Green Day, after a 25 year career to date and rising to become giants of rock at the same time as socio-political voices of the masses through 'American Idiot' and '21st Century Breakdown', this really is the time to enjoy life, mayhem, limitless possibilities and partying hard. We'll raise a drink to that...[/quote]

For more info on the issue, check out Big Cheese Magazine.com. You can also see a summary of what's included in this issue right here.

You can order the issue on their site as well.
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