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XFM London 104.9
The XFM London 104.9 radio station interviewed Billie Joe while the band was in London last month. Before I explain further, I'd just like to say that the amount of press that Green Day did while in London is insane. Magazines, Zane Lowe's radio show, three or four different other interviews, a show at Shepherd's Bush.....OH YEAH, and they played Reading.

Anyway, this interview is a pretty interesting one. Billie only talks for a couple minutes about the new albums, which we've heard a lot about in past interviews. Instead, he talks a lot about past experiences and cool stories. He gives quite a long story about meeting Joe Strummer, and how awestruck he was. Also, he reminisces about a night he had with an inebriated Dave Grohl. Here's the quote:

"I remember me and Dave took a bottle of something and we just walked up the street, and we sat down. We're sitting on the curb in Lisbon, and we were just drinking and talking together. All of a sudden, he goes, 'I got the spins, I got the spins!' And I go, 'Well, just make yourself throw up!' And then he's like, 'No!' I go, 'Dude just do it, just make yourself throw up!' And then he's like, '...You make yourself throw up!' And I said, '.....Okay.' So I made myself puke, and he's like, 'Oh my god, you're disgusting!'"

Pretty crazy stuff, huh? The interview is 15 minutes long and audio-only, but it really is a great one. Check it out!
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