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Last night, totally unannounced, Billie Joe and Jason White played some acoustic songs at The Bowery Electric in New York City. The club was holding an "Old Soul Revival" night, and said that there would be "over 20 musical guests." Green Day arrived in New York today, and will be on America's Got Talent and Good Morning America there on Thursday and Friday, respectively.

Based on the information we have, we're pretty sure that Billie and Jason played at around 11pm ET. The gig was sort of an "open-mic night." Jesse Malin and Bob Gruen were also in attendance. Some songs that we know were played: "Scattered" (Nimrod), "Rusty James" (¡Uno!), "Sex, Drugs and Violence" (¡Tré!), "Amy" (¡Dos!), "99 Revolutions" (¡Tré!), "Stay the Night" (¡Uno!), and "Missing You" (¡Tre!). If we get more photos and/or videos, we'll be sure to update this post. Stay tuned!

Here's a video of "Rusty James," given to us by Jayne Doniger:


Photos from various sources:

[captionRow=Taken by David Pattillo]091312_bjb.jpg[/caption][captionRow=Taken by Jayne Doniger]091312_proxy.jpg[/caption][captionRow=Taken by Christina LaRocca]091312_rsz_1proxy-1.jpg[/caption][captionRow=Taken by Christian Benner]091312_rsz_396397_10151170618713961_1952806560_n.jpg[/caption][captionRow=Taken by Dayton Rinks]091312_rsz_b4d7a40afd5211e19fb4123138101461_7.jpg[/caption][captionRow=Taken by Jayne Doniger]091312_rsz_bjb2.jpg[/caption][captionRow=Taken by Jayne Doniger]091312_rsz_bjb1.jpg[/caption][captionRow=Jesse Malin, Bob Gruen, Billie Joe, Jayne Doniger]091312_rsz_bjb3.jpg[/caption]
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