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[caption=¡Uno!]092412_uno-book.jpg[/caption]The big day is finally here: September 25th, 2012. Green Day's newest album, ¡Uno!, sees the light of day and has been released here in the US and, by now, across the whole world.

[note][Get the lyrics to the songs here][/note]
This is the band's first studio release since 21st Century Breakdown in 2009 and it sure is a masterpiece. Every song on this killer album has that Green Day energy we know and love.

Including the brilliant opening of "Nuclear Family," we are presented with a total of 12 gems, including the likes of "Stay the Night," "Kill the DJ," and "Fell for You," just to name a few.

The album's lead single, "Oh Love," ends the album in fantastic fashion. Many criticized the decision to make the song a single, but in context of the whole album, it is a great song and fits well.

Billie ends the album with the lyrics "tonight, my heart's on the loose," which is the perfect way to lead into the party album, ¡Dos!, part II of the Green Day trilogy which we will be receiving in less than two months on November 13th. Isn't that crazy to think about? A-whole-nother album in just a few weeks away? Exciting times still lie ahead.

The album is now available to purchase from all major retailers such as iTunes, Amazon, Best Buy and Target, just to name a few. Still debating on where to purchase from? Check out this post from the other day as we give some buying tips and tricks.
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