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Photographer Felisha Tolentino who has done most of the photography for Green Day during the creation of the band's trilogy has posted the photos from the ¡Uno! booklet [url=]on her website[/url]. We previously saw some of Felisha's work when some new promo photos of the band were released [url=]over the summer[/url].

Whats most exciting about these photos is that this is the first time that Jason White has been included in photos of the band. This along with Jason being credited along with Billie, Mike, and Tre in the "Oh Love" single and ¡Uno! booklet adds more evidence to [url=]our case[/url] that Jason is now an official member of Green Day.

Head over to Felisha's website to [url=]view all of the photos[/url]. According to Felisha she will be doing the same when ¡Dos! and ¡Tre! are released.
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