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[caption=As I'm sure you know by now: ¡Uno!]092812_rsz_green-day-uno.jpg[/caption]Tonight, a Sirius XM radio station will have a feature hour on Green Day. Channel 41, "Faction," will be playing ¡Uno! in full. ALSO, Billie Joe will apparently give insight into each song, which will be very interesting for some songs that we haven't heard much about. I assume this was taped previously, as they do not mention anything about Billie Joe/the rest of the band being in-studio.

Faction will be starting the feature hour ("Green Day Radio") at 7pm EST. This event will not be available to those who are not Sirius XM subscribers, and WILL NOT be streamed online. However, since GDA loves you all so very much, we will post a text version of Billie Joe's song-by-song comments immediately following the radio event. Check back here around 8pm EST tomorrow night for the summary.

Thanks to Conner Mulcahy for sending this news.
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