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Last night, Billie Joe tweeted from his official account for the first time in a long time. His message was simple (and fairly predictable):

The 2012 U.S. presidential election takes place tomorrow
Also, a little while before his Twitter post, Billie posted an Instagram picture. He appears to have just taken a picture of a blank wall, with the camera and flash on his iPhone. Instagram lets you post a caption with a picture, but not without, so this was probably just a random placeholder so that Billie could get this message out in the caption:

"Get out and VOTE!! And Vote for Obama"

Then later, Billie Joe's wife, Adrienne, also tweeted a message to endorse Obama:

Obviously, the Armstrongs are Obama supporters. It could also be said that a good portion of Green Day fans also support Obama, and/or were hooked by the music of the largely anti-Republican establishment American Idiot/21st Century Breakdown eras. But, by no means do all Green Day fans support Obama, which is perfectly fine. The beauty of America's government is its base in democracy (rather than dictatorship), which gives an individual voice to each person.

The point is that no matter who you U.S. citizens vote for in tomorrow's election, what matters is just that: your vote. This election is arguably one of the more important elections in recent history, considering the state of affairs in America and the world over. That said, Billie and Adrienne would probably rather have you vote for Mitt Romney than not vote at all. If you live in the U.S., GET OUT AND VOTE tomorrow, no matter where you stand politically.
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