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[pic=Billie Joerecently posted this photo on Instagram]111312_rsz_f59647302b6f11e2a7ed22000a1f8f24_7.jpg[/pic]Green Day's second new album in under two months, ¡Dos!, is released today in the US! The album is well worth what the wait has been; the first new album, ¡Uno!, came out on September 25th.

You can find lyrics for the full album right here.

Digital Downloads

The cheapest option will be to buy the album from Amazon today for only $5. Of course, it's also available on iTunes for $9.99.

If you bought the ultimate box-set, check your emails for a download code. Some users had a problem where "Fuck Time" wouldn't show up after extracting the files. Using a 3rd party tool like 7-zip seemed to fix that.

Stream Online

If you have Spotify, you can listen to the album. It currently says "Fuck Time" is not available in the US. Not sure if that will change or not.

You can also stream the album for free via

CD & Vinyl

If you'd like to pick up a physical copy of ¡Dos!, we encourage you to first check out your local record stores. They should be carrying the album, and may even have the vinyl in today. Also, just like what was done with ¡Uno!, when you buy a vinyl copy of ¡Dos! at your local record store, you should get a limited-edition album cover lithograph (the second in the set of three) as a free promo item.

[url=][pic=Blue vinyl exclusive to Hot Topic]111312_hottopic.jpg[/pic][/url]You could also pick up a copy at Best Buy where, starting today, you can get ¡Dos! for only $7.99 anywhere in the US when you present this picture at the register (it can be printed out or viewed on a cell phone.)

You can also purchase the CD from the online store, along with vinyl copy of ¡Dos!, or even a special bundle. The bundle includes a CD copy, one limited-edition shirt, one metal trilogy lighter, and a ceramic "Kill The DJ" mug.

Also, check today for exclusive pressings of ¡Dos! on blue vinyl.

More to come from GDA

If you've already streamed this album or received your copy, you may have recognized some "old friends" in listening to the new tracks: The Foxboro Hot Tubs. Green Day stated in multiple interviews that ¡Dos! could be considered "the second Foxboro album." We heard it, too. Check back later today for a short editorial on the interesting Foxboro Hot Tubs side of ¡Dos!. We'll also have our full review of the album up later today.

Due to Green Day's recent hiatus, ¡Dos! has not gotten adequate promotion. As you may know, the band has been forced to cancel all 2012 appearances. We'd like to continue to ask you guys to help us promote this epic album. For more information on how you can lend Green Day a hand in promotion, see this recent post.
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