A few days ago, we [turl=http://www.greendayauthority.com/news/3735/]posted[/turl] asking you guys to help get the word out about ¡Dos!, which drops worldwide in under three hours. So far the outpour has been tremendous with the support of our forum members helping to get word of ¡Dos!'s release out there.

Here is a fantastic one minute trailer for ¡Dos! that one of our members, St. Jimmy the Troublemaker, made:

For those of you who follow Mike Dirnt on Instagram, you might have noticed this picture he posted earlier today with the following caption:
[quoteFull]Thank you all for your support! You are the greatest fucking people/Fans Ever! Tomorrow is for you guys!!! XX[/quoteFull]
That picture was actually made by crock6000 who posted it in this thread in our forum.
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