[pic=Green Day on the cover of AP earlier this year]112012_ap.jpg[/pic]In the latest issue of Alternative Press, the rock magazine reviews and rates Green Day's final album of the trilogy, ¡Tré! which comes out on December 11th.

The review is mixed. However, it only made me more excited for the album.

[quote]But that's kind of the point; Green Day's recorded catalog sits somewhere around 200 songs, and that breadth includeds everything from sloppy covers of ska-core classics to nine-minute rock-opera suites. So why the fuck NOT write a piano ballad? Or a fun, if WAY-late-to-the-party tribute to the Occupy movement ("99 Revolutions")? Or another multi-part punk-rock suite that's a blast to listen to, even though it has absolutely no context ("Dirty Rotten Bastards")? Or another Nimrod-esque mid-tempo pop-punk number with bassist Mike Dirnt inexplicably singing lead for exactly 10 seconds ("Sex, Drugs, and Violence")?[/quote]

A member of our forum transcribed the review, which goes on sale December 1st. You can go check out the full review over on our forum. We'll get the scans up as soon as we can.

Check out this post from a couple days ago regarding the lengths of all the tracks on ¡Tré!.
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