Jason performing with Green Day on the 21CB tour
The Idiot Club has posted an interview with Jason White who answered questions from fans. It's a good read, it's nice to learn a bit more about Jason since he usually avoids press. Here's an answer describing how he first met Green Day.

How did you meet Billie, Mike, and Tre?
"I met Billie and Mike on Green Day's first tour. My band, Step By Step (I know...) from Little Rock, opened for Green Day in Memphis at Antenna Club. Only they didn't show up, at least in time to play the show. We stretched our set as long as we could, we probably knew 10 songs. The club gave up on them showing and announced the show was over and gave people half their money back. We were loading out when they pulled up in their van, "Are we too late?" A few stragglers were still hanging around outside. Someone was having a party so we all followed them over to a house in Midtown. We ended up hanging out for a few hours before we had to head back to Little Rock. I didn't meet Tre til they came around on tour the next year. This time they played in Little Rock at Vino's. I think there's YouTube footage of this show somewhere. My friends and I bumrushed the stage during Knowledge."

Go to the Idiot Club to view his answers to over 20 questions ranging from technical guitar stuff, favorite bands, to what he likes doing when visiting cities on tour.
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