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Earlier this year we started a contest to giveaway a deluxe version of the trilogy in a t-shirt contest. I wanted to give an update here to let those wondering know that I have decided to scrap the whole project.

After the contest closed, we picked our top 5 and put them up for vote here. There was a significant amount of criticism towards us for the way we picked our favorites and many thought it was unfair. We pulled voting down to re-consider our options and reassess how we decided these things so we could be more fair in the future.

It's been 3 months since we said we'd put it back up, and while my intention was to get it back up within in a week or two, I continued putting it off as I focused elsewhere. I decided that it's time to just scrap this idea all together as the year comes to a close.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter our original contest, and my apologies that it ended up this way. We will be doing more contests in 2013, and I'll make sure that we've properly thought out how finalists are chosen. I'll be working much harder next year to provide you guys with better content and contests to engage our community.
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