[pic=Green Day between Insomniac & nimrod.]122212_bio2_group.jpg[/pic]We're happy to finally share with you our second part (of three) of our Green Day Biography. We posted part one last month. Part 2 covers the band signing to Reprise, mainstream success, up through to the release of The Network's album Money Money 2020.

Here's a snippit from part 2:
[quote]After the turmoil during the Insomniac era, the band really began to think about how their clashing lives - punk rock stars versus family men - would and should affect their upcoming record. They decided that it was time to expand their sound from the three-chord pop-punk tunes that had previously defined and confined them. In 1997, they spent four full months in the studio recording these new songs, and releasing Nimrod on October 14, 1997. [/quote]

Click here to read part 2. The final part will be posted December 28th.
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