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[url=][pic=Billie Joe on the cover of Rolling Stone]022613_rolllingstone12.jpg[/pic][/url]It's been a little over two weeks since [turl=]we learned[/turl] that Billie Joe would be on the cover of Rolling Stone's March issue. "The Road Back From Hell" is an intense interview with Billie Joe where he opens up to the world about his struggle with alcoholism and prescription drug addiction.

The article gives the reader an in-depth look at all angles of Billie Joe's years of alcohol and substance abuse and just how close Green Day came to complete disaster. At one point Billie says "I thought that everyone was in on the joke, but I was the joke." Major props to Rolling Stone's David Fricke for writing the article in a way where very little questions are left after you finish reading.

The interview also reveals that Green Day's manager had asked Billie Joe to enter rehab over a week before the iHeart Radio incident.

[quotefull]I got a text from my manager saying: "Come on down, we have to talk about the Reading Festival." I went down there, he was sitting here, and he does, "We're getting on a plane. We're canceling the rest of this tour and you're going into rehab." I was like,"What? What the fuck are you talking about? I'm not going to do that. I don't want to cancel these gigs. It just can't happen. Tell you what. As soon as we get home, when we're done with the press and this stuff, after iHeart Radio, the week following I'll go into rehab. But I can't cancel any of this shit now."[/quotefull]
You can read the full scans from Billie Joe's cover story by heading on over to our [turl=]articles section[/turl].

If you would like a physical copy of this issue you can still pick one up from your local news stand or order a subscription on
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