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New app from Total Guitar
Music Radar has announced that the Total Guitar app is now featuring a downloadable Green Day fanzine, complete with exclusive content. Total Guitar, Europe's best-selling guitar magazine, has dug deep into it's archives and found interviews (both new and old), reviews, and videos.

The Green Day "fanzine" is a downloadable purchase from within the free Total Guitar app. The content costs £3.99 (about $6). You can download the app itself for free from iTunes, and purchase the Green Day content package inside. The app does not appear to be available in the Google Play Store at the moment. Total Guitar is a European magazine, but the app can be downloaded by anyone and everyone.

Included in the downloadable fanzine:
  • HD drum and guitar tutorial videos for Green Day songs
  • video of Billie Joe discussing the ¡UNO!, ¡DOS!, ¡TRÉ! trilogy
  • three previously undiscovered American Idiot-era interviews
  • an interactive look at the Dookie artwork
  • the band's favorite songs to cover live explained
  • a chronicle of Green Day's celebrity allies and enemies
  • review of the band's complete discography

Holy shit...if I had an iPhone, I'd be downloading it for sure. If you can spare the $6, go for it!
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