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¡Cuatro! DVD cover
After a long period of unconfirmed release dates, changing release dates, and much confusion, today is the day that ¡Cuatro! gets released.

The documentary, which runs for 75 minutes, was released late last night as a download to those who ordered the Digital Box Set. The physical copy, for those who ordered the Ultimate Box Set, started shipping about a week ago and has begun arriving for several fans. The image to the right is the case it comes in.

¡Cuatro! is a documentary that follows Green Day around during their demoing, rehearsing, and recording of material for their ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tré! trilogy of albums. The film shows the creative process of some tracks, such as "Missing You," "Nightlife," and "Lady Cobra," and shows how much time and effort the band put into the albums. Specifically how much fun they had doing it.

After watching it, one thing that's interesting to note is how often the board of magnetic song titles changes. We get numerous shots of the Billie Joe switching songs around between the three albums. When you watch it, pay attention to that as it's interesting to see how that portion progresses and evolves.

I think it's safe to assume that there will at one point be a public release for ¡Cuatro!, we just aren't sure when that'll be.
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