[pic=We have a winner!]041513_answers.jpg[/pic]Over the weekend we held a riddle trivia contest that hand many of you racking your brains trying to figure out the damn answers. I'm sorry to anyone who found their frustration so unbearable they resorted to violence. I will admit that we had way too much fun watching people in the comments and on our forum trying to figure it out.

For starters, congrats to Sofia Silva! She was one of 22 who answered correctly and will be receiving a 7" Warning vinyl. A complete list of winners can be found after the answers list.

Here are the answers!

1. The Rev stung his baby girl, but who tallied the pole? Use the first 3 letters and the last letter of your answer.
Answer: Andres. A, N, D, S
Procedure: GDA/Twitter - If you look at previous polls or Billie’s twitter, you will find there is a “pole” conducted by Andres. "I dare everyone to quit Facebook. Go to greendayauthority and andres will tally the # of people. It'll be a pole! Sting baby girl! therev"

2. Phony Beatlemania has bitten the dust. How many times did Green Day play this city in 2005? To uncover the final answer of this question, take this number, then go to the year that the trio said good riddance to Sweet Children. Find the _th show of that year. Use the 1st, 8th and 9th letters of that show’s city.
Answer: Garberville. G,I,L
Procedure: The first sentence is a lyric from London Calling by The Clash. Go to the Tour section on GDA. Go to 2005 and count how many times they played in London that year (6). Using 6, we go to the year Green Day got their name (1989) , we look at the 6th show of that year.

3. The rev is looking carved out and spiffy in a shade of orange. If you find him you can use the 1st, 6th, and 7th letters of the creators name.
Answer: Hermione. H,O,N
Procedure: Carved and orange should lead you to the Green Day pumpkins in the GDA vault found in the visitors’ section. The Rev is only in there once and the creators name is in the description.

4. Green Day is to Sweet Children as Green Day Authority is to _________? Hint it's not a minority! Use the 2nd, 8th, and 15th letters of your answer.
Answer: Courtney's Green Day Page. O,Y,D,E
Procedure - Sweet Children was Green Day’s original name and Green Day Authority’s original name was Courtney’s Green Day Page when it was first founded.

5. [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbCI68eSNsA]Video Hint[/url]. Looking sharp and living clean, she's a scented one. Find page 24, where life is loud. Use the 2nd letter from word 2, the 1st letter from word 7, and the 1st and 2nd letters from word 10 of your answer.
Answer: (It's Not Easy Being Green) Billie Joe’s outfit for the school disco was coming along nicely . O,D,A,L
Procedure: Kermit’s popular saying is “It’s not easy being green” and if you search that on GDA (1st thing that comes up) you will find the Kerrang article of that same title. Page 24 tells you which page to go to and on that page the only text is the answer.

6. Lights, camera, action! Which single featured a White make-out party? Use the 1st, 3rd, 7th and 15th letters of this title.
Answer: When I Come Around W, E, O, D
Procedure: Lights, camera, action! should indicate that the answer involves a video. White is capitalized indicating a name which should have lead to Jason White. Make out party should have lead you to the music video “When I Come Around” where Jason White makes out with his girlfriend at the time.

With that final list of letters we asked you to unscramble them. We posted two hints, first we said the answer was lyrics, and second we posted this photo, which represented "no man can eat 50 eggs" a popular Tre quote from Bullet in a Bible. Putting together the answer is lyrics, and Tre said them, should have led you to look at lyrics from ¡Tre!.


List of people who sent in the right answer:

Kelsey M.
Sofia Silva
Stephen C.
Linda O.
Ashley P.
Hannah D.
Angela W.
Sarah E.
Danny S.
Karol O.

I'd like to give two special shoutouts. One to Kelsey M. (spark in the night on GDC) who got the answer correct within 1 hour of us posting the contest. Not only was the quickest, she also didn't need any hints (and even solved it even though we missed one letter when we first posted it).

Another shoutout to the person who sent us this email as his answer
[quote]hello well i didn't exactly get the jumble but i tried so A for effort right

my best guess is: NOOO, HAND ME SAGGY DILDO and i had an extra L left over but that's a detail

saggy dildo[/quote]

Also a very big thank you to Lone and BeachBum for taking the time to create this contest. They worked hard to make it fun and something people would really have to work for.

We're glad so many people enjoyed the contest, and we are already planning the next one!
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