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Tour posters from 1994, 1995, 2009 and 2013
Over a year ago we announced that we redesigned our Green Day Tour Section. In that past year we have been adding new shows resulting in over 1,300 shows since 1987. We've been working hard to add setlists and notes for as many shows as we possibly can but it's not yet finished.

We need YOUR help to fix up any mistakes and add any shows, setlists and notes we have missed. Some examples of the type of notes we add are first time 21st Century Breakdown was played publicly, Billie "saving" his son on stage, last show of the Dookie tour, the return of the Stupid shirt or even a speech he gave during a show. Other examples of noteworthy items include why a song was aborted, who got on stage when/why and what happened. Anything that is funny or interesting will be noteworthy for the notes portion.

You can view the tour section by clicking the "Tour" tab above. This will take you latest tour and from there you can click "View Older Tour Dates" at the bottom to select the year you wish to view.

If you notice any preference changes or have new shows or notes to add then email us at If there's proof of something that happened such as a picture, article, youtube video or something else then please send it along.

We look forward to having the Green Day community helping us to improve the section.
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