GDA's new Videos Section
We're happy to announce a brand new videos section here on GDA.

We felt like we needed a place to post neat concert clips, TV interviews, and great covers, just to name a few, without crowding the news feed. The videos we will be posting will mainly be new content from this year and on out, but we will certainly post things from the past if we stumble across something we would like to share with you all.

Now, these videos will not show up on the homepage's news feed, but will actually show in our Video tag page, which we are now dubbing as the "Videos Section." This section can be accessed via the navigation bar above under "Media." The latest five videos posted will also show in the column to the right in the "Recent Videos" box. These video posts will also go out to Twitter and Facebook, just like regular news posts do so there is no way you could miss a post.

Q: Does this mean there will be no more videos posted in the news feed?
A: Videos will still be posted in the news feed, but only if they are worthy enough. For example: This morning we posted a live video of "Missing You" from Emirates Stadium. This is the first live performance we have seen/heard of the track so that is something very news worthy. Now, Green Day also played "Waiting" at Emirates Stadium, which is a rare live track, but it's not something that is considered news worthy to us. So that video would go just in the Videos Section.

Q: Can I send GDA cool videos I come across?
A: Please do! Just use the normal news submission page and send us what you have!

We already have two new posts up in the section from just today so go check them out!
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