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[pic=Front cover on "Punk Academy".]060613_punkacademy.jpg[/pic]For this week's download of the week we bring a complete MP3 recording on Green Day live at Brixton Academy on September 20th 1995, the first of 2 shows they played at the venue.

This recording comes directly from the soundboard therefore is excellent quality. I wouldn't say it's a perfect recording though because it appears to just be a rough mix from the desk which have the vocals a bit drowned out by the instruments. This recording actually comes from a factory pressed bootleg called "Punk Academy" released on a small label called "Typhoon". An interesting fact about the bootleg is even though the track is labeled correctly in the download, on the actually bootleg, Jaded is labeled as "I'm A Loser".

Head over to our featured download section to download the 81.6mb MP3 of the show. If you're interested in more live recordings then I suggest joining our forum and checking out the download section with over 500 recordings.

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