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By Courtney /Jul. 2, 2002 / Comments
Did you get your copy of Shenanigans today? I hope you did. First on the agenda, the GDA Contest. Since there are so many entries, the 2nd place winner will get a regular copy of Shenanigans. Happy happy joy joy. I want everyone to welcome the newest member to the GDA Team, Darren, who brought you many great websites such as The International Supersites Directory, New Talent, and Underdogzine. He also did the updates while I was away. Now I have to make one thing clear. Darren has already submitted entries to the GDA Contest. Since these entries were made before he joined or was asked to join the GDA Team, he will still be included in the contest, but will not be a part of the final winner. Anyway, Greendaymusic.com's new design isn't up yet, surprise surprise. And last but not least, THE ENTIRE GDA TEAM WOULD LIKE TO WISH BILLIE JOE AND ADRIENNE A HAPPY 8TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! We hope there will be many more to come!
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