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Alternapunk has a Battle of the Bands going on between blink-182 and Green Day. Click here to vote. FYI, Green Day is winning, only by a little though. There's also a Pop Disaster Review there:
"Overall, Green Day definitely stole the show. Their set seemed flawless and much fun, where as Blink seemed like watching a bad stand up comedian. Another complaint about Blink was they played mostly songs off the new album and Enema, going back to only Carousel and Damnit, where as Green Day’s set seemed more a collection of all their work."

"You might be saying 'Hey, you are being too hard on Blink,' well, I felt the same way, so I decided to poll some people at the show about who they thought was better. After asking over 100 random people, the majority seemed to pick Green Day and when I asked a few about Blink they completely bashed them, some even wore Blink 182 shirts. So, at least you know I am not the only one."

"In conclusion, the next time that Green Day plays, make sure you go for all your moneys worth and then some. If Blink or Saves the Day plays, wait for the DVD to come out and rent it on video, or better yet, just wait for Green Day!"

+ Well, that sure does brighten my day! :) Thanks to Mandy from NiceGuysFinishLast.net for the info.
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