Hey everyone! Sorry I didn't update yesterday, I was in a bad mood. Yesterday (July 12th) was GDA's one year anniversary. More than 40,000 hits in one year......sorta. That counter isn't exactly right, because I've had several before I settled on that one. I'd like to point out that GDA is actually about 2 years old, we started as Courtney's Green Day Page (it then got changed to The Green Day Minority when that song came out), back in the summer of 2000. But the domain name www.greendayauthority, was launched on July 12, 2001. Anyway. GreenDayMusic.com finally released their new design, and it's ok, I guess. There's nothing really new on the site though. There are a bunch of new articles, including Kerrang, so I'll make them in a list:

Kerrang, July 13th Issue: 1 :: 2 :: 3 :: 4 :: 5 :: 6 :: 7 ::
'Guitar Heaven for Green Day Fan' @ NME
'Green Day Shout It Out at Manchester' @ WorldPop

+ Make sure you check out the Kerrang article, it's great. And thanks to 409 Online for it. The Fan List is up again for submissions. If you sent a submission between July 7th and July 12, please resend it because there was a problem. Also the GDA Message Board has a new look, so check it out and chat with us! And last, I was looking at GDA's error log, and I found several "file not found" and errors, such as some MIDs on the Multimedia page. I'd like you to know that has hopefully been corrected. If you find another error please use the Report Dead Link form to let me know.
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