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By Courtney /Apr. 5, 2003 / Comments
Hey guys. In this month's issue of Guitar World, they have an article called '60 Minutes: The Hour of Music that Rocks My World' in which Deryck Whibley of Sum 41 talks about his favorite songs. Well he picked Basketcase by Green Day and here's what he had to say: "Green Day are the most essential and important punk band to come along in a long time. They've influenced so many new bands, including us. I was watching TV very late one night when this video came on. It had what I call the 'Holy Shit!' factor: by the end of the video I'd become an instant fan, and have been one ever since. It had nothing to do with being a great 'punk' band; I was about 13 and didn't even know about all that. They just had a great attitude -- they were defiant, but with a sense of humor. And musically they had great melodies and lyrics, more than most punk bands, and their dynamics went beyond the usual three-chord punk thing." Guitar World also mentions Green Day in an article entitled "How to Play Punk Rock".
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