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Hey. More info on the tribute album, thanks to The track listing for the tribute "A Different Shade Of Green" has been released. It is as follows: 1. Rudiger- 2000 Light Years Away
2. Inspection 12- F.O.D
3. Weezer- Worry Rock
4. The Velma Fix- Basket Case
5. Up Syndrome- Going to Pasalacqua
6. Wirebox- When I Come Around
7. Taking the fall- Redundant
8. Insomniac- Minority
9. Wester- J.A.R
10. Knockout- Burnout
11. McDolly- Macy's Day parade
12. Fenway Park- She
13. Pensive- Christie Road
14. Wheelie- Rest
If you wanna read up on the album, either check out Skunk Ape Records or look at the screenshot of the info from here. Bye for now.
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