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In this month's (September 2003) issue of Alternative Press magazine, there's a little blurb about an upcoming video documentary called Riding in Vans With Boys. The blurb is on page 30 in the Overheard section, and reads as following:
"This movie is gonna be fucked-up good," says Kut U Up drummer Brendan Raasch of Resting Bird Entertainment's video documentary Riding in Vans With Boys. "Chris Cote (Kut U Up singer/guitarist) gets branded with a pool bridge; Billie Joe Armstrong, Micha Mattson (Kut U Up guitarist), and I swing from a vintage 18th century chandelier and rip it from the ceiling; plus [we] hurt some walls and feelings and other stuff." The chandelier stunt cost the boys a cool $5,000, but they shouldn't be sweating it come premiere night. The poised-to-be-huge movie follows the shenanigans of of the 2002 Pop Disaster Tour with co-headliners Blink-182 and Green Day, along with Jimmy Eat World, Saves the Day, and the lesser-known Kut U Up. Resting Bird is looking at a late-October or early-November release, which should coincide with Blink's next album - not, incidentally, titled Use Your Erection I And II., as some dimwit in the press reported.
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