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Who is The Network

By MattD /Oct. 5, 2003 / Comments
Ah the news is a flyin'. Now we all know what this 'new' band 'The Network' is trying to pull. Is it Green Day? Isn't it? I could be completely wrong, so if this does turn out to be Green Day, you could all shoot me in the face or something. Personally, I don't think it's them. I think it's somewhat of a publicity stunt. I'm not saying that Green Day wasn't involved with this band, I just don't think it's them. 'Supermodel Robots' is one of the only main songs that sounds like Billie Joe. His voice is quite distinct, and the singer even does BJ's "Prrrrrrrrohhhh" he sometimes does. But, I don't think it's them. There are many similarities, don't get me wrong. And, Brian Gray, does give hints...I think it's all a joke. It doesn't sound like the Green Day I know and love. It's good, nonetheless, just not as good as Green Day is, and could be. Supermodel Robots is a great song, the rest are not so great. In my opinion, that is. I think they purposly planted little clues to make the press think it's GD, like BJ's face blatenly put on the cover, but if they wanted it to be hidden, they would've done a better job. I think GD had a part in this, but this isn't their new album, nor is this them. Once again I say this is what I'm thinking, for all I know they could be laughing it up. Go figure, we'll just have to wait. There's my thought for the day.
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