Alright guys. I'm convinced. The Network revealed their new website. Check it out. To get into the site is a bit tricky. Click the top right corner of the N...sorry for those who I spoiled it for. Anyway, I checked out the site cover to cover...the close up shots of the characters look unmistakenly like the guys of GD. (In order:) Fink - Billie Joe...Van Gough - Mike...The Snoo - Tre. It's blatenly obvious. Now the two other guys, Z and Captain Underpants are rumored to be 2 guys in the hit 80's band, Devo. Oh yeah, also, in the Church section of the site, Tre Cool of Green Day is mentioned. It's too obvious to be a coincidence at this point. I'm sorry for doubting you all that said it was Green Day, and I retract my previous essay on how it's not them..below. Bye for now.
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