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Almost a week after GDA brought you the American Idiot Video to download, GreenDay.com brings you the official uncensored video on the site. Go check it out, but you probably already saw the video (minus the curse words) right here at GDA. GreenDay.com also has an interesting verison of American Idiot with Bush talking. Head on over to the site if your into that kinda stuff. Also, I want to thank everyone for the replies for the help, and I have found someone who is currently helping me and doing a great job at it. His name is Ace and he's the webmaster of this site. So head on over there and check out what he's done, it's really amazing. About the new layout, I've had a ton of ideas, and still have a lot to get done on the site, so I *might* have to push the release date back a little bit. But good things take time right? Anyway, want to help out GDA today? It only takes a second to click and vote for us and help GDA kick some ass!
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