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By Tyke /Apr. 30, 2005 / Comments
There is a pretty interesting article here for you to check out. "Home Depot Center takes the Grammy winners off its list of banned acts drafted after rowdy Deadheads besieged neighborhood."
The show last night in Manchester, NH was incredible. That show was, hands down, the best show I have ever seen. I was happy that they played a few older songs as well. That venue was quite stubborn when it came to cameras. Even after I was successful in sneaking in a camera, I saw several people get thrown out for taking pictures, so I didnt want to risk it. It was really nice that the weather held off for the day so we didn't wait in the rain. Thanks to those of you that did come up and say hi.

Note to those of you seeing Green Day shortly: If you have a general admission tickets, please realize that you are in a Green Day pit, and expect to be shoved around and pushed. You don't need to go into the mosh itself, but expect to be pushed around. I was getting irritated with people turning around to me and telling me to stop pushing, because the whole pit is getting shoved around, and everyone is getting pushed. Its not one person. If you want to be in general admission and not get shoved, then you should get tickets to Avril Lavigne.
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