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Damn we just keep dishing out the good news. I got an email from someone who said they saw a commercial on the IFC (Independent Film Channel) about "Punk Month" and it showed Billie Joe's face for about 2 seconds and thats all. I looked into it, it turns out the IFC is going to premier a full length music video for Jesus of Suburbia. It doesn't say who directed it or what it's about, only that it'll air on IFC (Independent Film Channel) July 9th at 11:30PM, thats all it says. I dont know if thats eastern or pacific time. Here's exactly what the website says
Jesus of Suburbia
The uncut music video of Green Day's gritty punk epic you won't see anywhere else but IFC.
(2005) (:15)
Saturday, Jul 9@11:30 PM

All the info we just posted can be found here and here (scroll down to July).Don't email us asking for more info or if GDA will put it up for download. I will let you guys know closer to the premiere any info we have and if we will be able to host it for you guys to download.
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