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By Courtney /Apr. 29, 2005 / Comments
MTVU, MTV's college network, has awarded Green Day an Honorary Degree. Watch Green Day's acceptance speech and words of wisdom to the Class of 2005 right here, before it airs on MTVU. Make sure you check it out, because it's pretty funny and Tre's hair is sick.

Also, see that Simple Plan Mastercard ad at the bottom of this page? If you're awesome you'll click on that, and check out what they have to offer, because it helps GDA. Yes, it's Simple Plan, but the other choices were Clay Aiken and Xhibit, which one would you have picked?

Thank you all for your support and patience with me the last week or so. I'll be done with finals soon, so I should be able to devote more time to GDA! I have a few more pictures from Pittsburgh posted, click here.
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