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New Video, SNL

By MattD /Apr. 11, 2005 / Comments
omgmattsbackomg. Hey everyone. I've been around, just not really updating 'cause Andres, Tyke, and Courtney have seemed to be holding down the fort quite nicely. But, we've got some news that I just must share. Wake Me Up When September! Er, well, not the actual video, but proof it's pretty much finished. I heard a release of sometime in May. No idea who the director is though, hopefully it's Sam, though the screenshots don't look like his style, persay, but we'll see. Anyway, click here or go through the Picture Vault, to get to the WMUWSE video page, with all 4 released screenshots on it. Oh oh oh, also, I hope everyone caught SNL this past Saturday. Green Day were fucking grand. I was there, and I got to meet/hang around with Tre'. Check my page or click here and here for pictures of that. I'll update more about the video as we learn more. Thanks to whomever on the forum/myspace group posted those pics!
3 new screenshots from the video added to the wmuwse picture page!
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