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SNL, Article

By Courtney /Apr. 10, 2005 / Comments
Hey guys. I hope every caught Green Day on Saturday Night Live last night. Their performance was awesome.

I know that Mike and Billie Joe did an appearence on Steven's Untitled Rock Show, which is on Fuse TV. They taped the appearence on April 8, 2005. Unfortunatly, I haven't been able to find any information on when the show will be premiered.

Billie Joe wrote an article about the Sex Pistols in Rolling Stone Magazine. Read the article here.

Thanks to everyone who sent me information/scans of the vinyl. Also, the video downloads are currently offline. The downloads were slowing down the server, so we had to take them down. TRL may be made available again later on today, but that's really up to Andres. Remember, he handles all the videos.

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