Some people seem to have a problem with wanting to read, so I'll keep this news post to the point. First off, thanks to all of you for being so patient in getting the site back up. It is running a bit slow, but that problem should be fixed today.
Green Day won a Juno (kinda like a Grammy, except from Canada) for International Album Of The Year.

Don't forget tomorrow Green Day will be on MTV's TRL.

KROQ (radio) is having a competition for people to win a chance to go on tour for a week with Green Day, more info here.

There's some news on about an ad that was taken down because the Hotel doesn't agree with what Green Day stands for. Check it out. has this article about the new fall stadium gigs.

As for GDA news: Courtney has updated the Articles Page with some new scans. I have put up a new video for download in the Video Section, and I also got all the Fan Music up and working again. The chat room and extra media will be back really soon I hope.

As stated yesterday, I'm making a new section for you guys to send in your essay's about Green Day or punk music for us to post up on GDA. If you have any essay's, send 'em into me. Lastly, I've updated my About Me page.

Thats all I've got so far today, have a great day everyone!!
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