Happy Easter!

By Courtney /Mar. 27, 2005 / Comments
Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it! We can't do much updating here on GDA, because we're waiting for the DNS changes with the new server. This better be our last server change, or I'm going to scream.

Here's a little bit of TV news for you, "Give Me Novacaine" was featured in an episode of NBC's ER. Also, on Thursday "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" became the first Green Day video to be retired from TRL. The "Holiday" video premieres tomorrow, Monday March 28th. So get ready to vote!

Don't forget Green Day's episode of VH1's Storytellers airs on Saturday, April 2nd @ 10:00 EST. You can get a taste of the show here, and watch a video for "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" before the show airs! Billie Joe also explains where the song title comes from. Click here to view the James Dean photo he's talking about.

Hey I know someone out there can help me out with this. For weeks I've been looking for the photos without words from the cover and center of the recent Rolling Stone issue with Green Day. I know they have to be out there, because I've seen merchandise made with the photos on eBay. If you have them, please contact me. In return, Andres will be your slave for a week. ;) You should really add him to MySpace, because he's depressed that I kicked his ass in the friends competition. If you want to add me, I'm here.


Who wants to see Live Freaky, Die Freaky on Wednesday, March 30th in Los Angeles, CA? If you're interested, check out there details here. After the show, there apparently is a Questions & Answers with members of Green Day, as well as Rancid and John Roecker. Also, a sneak peek at the "new Green Day movie"? Gee, I wonder what that's all about.....

As you know, Green Day is up for a Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Award for favorite group. The show airs on Saturday, April 2nd. If you're a kid, you can cast your vote here. Also, I noticed when I was at Walmart that there is a Green Day "trading card" in the new issue of Nickelodeon magazine. If you see it, you might want to pick it up, it's similar to this picture. I didn't buy the magazine, simply because it would be a bit too weird for a 22 year old to be buying a kid's magazine.

By the way, there's a new official Green Day UK site, GreenDayUK.net. Now why don't you people tell me this stuff? I don't live in the UK ya know! Anywho, check out the awesome Holiday intro they have.
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