You can all now watch the new Wake Me Up video on No GDA will not put it up for download.
Please stop emaling us with the following Questions:
"Does Billie Have Throat Cancer?" No he doesn't. Quit being so fucking gullible.
"Is Adrienne Pregnant?" I'm not her doctor, and it's none of my business or yours.
"Is Billie gay or bi?" Again, it's his life, and none of your business .

I'm starting to go crazy with those emails. I'm getting at least 20 of those a day, it's really starting to drive me nuts. Please stop. And to kill another rumor, no there is no Green Day iPod. Some user posted a pic of one that would be cool to make, but it's not a real one, and no one has ever said anything about making it. So lets drop that there as well.

You guys should check out some of the re-runs of shows about Green Day. Most of them are shows that a lot of you guys want to watch. Driven, Storytellers, Loaded, and they are also re-airing Green Day's SNL performance from earlier this year. To check out time listings and channels for all the above shows click here.

Have a good Monday.
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February 2023
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Feb 01:
Dookie was released 29 years ago!!
Feb 17:
Happy Birthday Billie Joe. He turns 51 today!