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Jul. 10, 2005 / Comments
Green Day played Wake Me Up When September Ends this past weeknend in Ireland, as a tribute to those that died in London in last weeks terrorist attacks.
Green Day Vs. U2 in the AOL Battle of The Bands .... vote for Green Day here.

Now, I would just like to point out that you are all abunch of spoiled brats by us. We haven't updated in 3 days and you guys nearly have a panic attack. I was away in Denver all weekend, and Courtney has been busy working on her new apartment. We can't dedicate our entire lives to GDA, as much as we love it, we ask that you guys not post 500 comments asking for another update, or sending me about 15 emails asking for more news, when we have time, we will work on it.

The IFC video premiere was this weekend, unfortunately GDA cannot post it up. Like I said, I was away so I was unable to record it. I'll keep you guys posted on more air dates or available downloads.

Multiple rumors are STILL floating around about Wake Me Up being banned America. I dont know how many times we have to post it so you guys will learn, but here, I'll post it one more time. The new video is NOT being banned here in America, and it will debut in time, when Warner is ready to put it out. Let the rumor stop right now.
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