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ello Green Day fans. Billie Joe was on a segment last night on ABC News titled "Voice of Anti-War Movement Grows louder." Here's an excerpt:
"People are starting to see that it's not what they were led to believe," said Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong. "So I think now in the popular culture, people are starting to get the guts to come out and declare that they oppose this war."

You can read the entire article on ABC News.com. Another article talking about Green Day's anti-war stance can be read here.

For those of you out there that are Xbox Live members you have a chance at winning tickets to a Green Day concert or a new Xbox autographed by Green Day. Get more info here.

I've put up "All By Myself" and "Dominated Love Slave" from 1994 performed by Tre for download in the videos section.

update: I've fixed the Picture Vault and Chat room.

KERRANG: Green Day won the award for "Best Live Band" and "Best Band on the Planet" at the Kerrang! Awards 2005. The guys weren't there to accept the awards obviously, but they gave a short thanks from a pre-recorded acceptance taped before a concert a couple days ago. Click here to see nominees and winners.
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