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AOL Show

Oct. 12, 2005 / Comments

For those of you that didn't catch the live concert last night on AOL Music, don't worry you can watch the entire concert online here.
We have updated the Meeting Green Day section with another page of lucky fans that have got the chance to meet the band.

There's a new poll up for you guys. For those of you interested in searching through GDA, use the search link on the bottom left under the "Site" tab.

I know many of you are always looking for new Green Day pictures and videos. The GDA forum has sections dedicated for fans sharing videos, photo's, and audio. You'll have to register to see the media forums, but there are over a hundred videos floating around the video forum that other users have posted, so it's worth it. Plus it's 100% free. We encourage you to join up and search through the media forums.

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