My Green Days
Green Day fan Justin from BJGuitars has written about his adventures with Green Day since seeing them live at Woodstock. For those of you who don't know Justin, he's been a fan since 1994 who now spends his time making Blue replicas and teaching kids through altered Green Day covers.

In his book "My Green Days," Justin writes about his experiences seeing the band and the influences they had in his life. Here's a summary

"So much has happened in my life that involves Green Day that it’s become a quest of mine to meet lead singer and guitarist, Billie Joe Armstrong, and in some miniscule way, thank him for all that he and his band have given to me. Part of the reason Green Day is one of my favorite bands in the first place is because they are, or at least they seem to be, accessible to their fans. Billie Joe brings fans up onstage during concerts and has them sing with him, dance with him, play guitar with him, and he's given guitars out to some fans while on stage...

...After almost every time I've returned from a Green Day concert, someone has asked me, "So how was the show?" and I'm sure expected to hear, "Oh it was cool, they played ‘Basketcase’", but instead heard a story that eventually became a chapter in my life—from brief encounters, to Woodstock and Broadway, from rib crushing front row spots, to proposing to my girlfriend at a Green Day concert, and so on and so on. Every show became an adventure.

These are my adventures…

These are my Green Days…"

If you're interested in picking up a copy of his book then make sure you head over to his site where you can also pick up one of his Blue replicas from many different eras. Alternative, you can buy the book from

Here's a photo of Billie Joe with the book.
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February 2023
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Happy Birthday Billie Joe. He turns 51 today!