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Billie Joe's custom bike
A couple days ago, we found a very unique Green Day-related item on eBay. How often does a motorcycle designed for and owned by Billie Joe come up for sale? It has now.

Billie Joe's older brother Alan has rebuilt his custom 1980 Yamaha bike and restored it to pristine condition. The bike is retro, yet has some modern touches. The body is gun-metal gray with black accents. There's a placard on each side of the bike that reads "EAST BAY '72' CREEPS." Whether it's related or not, 1972 was the year Billie Joe was born. Anyway, the motorcycle was also featured in an issue of Café Racer. It has "too many [custom touches] to list," according to Alan.

As of now, bidding is at $1,675, and the reserve price has not been met. However, Alan has set the Buy-It-Now price at $8,000. I don't know enough to tell you whether this is reasonable or not, but go check out the bike. It looks amazing, and hell, if I had the money, I'd buy it. There are two days left in the auction, so act quickly. Alan told me that if a serious buyer wants a photo of Billie Joe on the bike or an autograph included in the purchase, something could be arranged. He and Billie Joe want to get rid of this extra bike, so spread the word and help them out!
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