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Last night Green Day played their first show in months and their last until they head down to Australia in 2014, but it wasn't your average Green Day show.

The show was announced back in August and later confirmed that Green Day would be playing alongside Blondie for the annual Dreamforce Conference to benefit Bay Area children's hospitals.

Early yesterday we received reports and videos of Green Day sound-checking from the night before. What got fans interested was the fact they sound-checked "Before The Lobotomy", "Peacemaker", "Wild One, and iViva La Gloria!". Fans were instantly excited because the songs aren't part of a standard Green Day setlist.

Tre's drums before the show started
Last night the doors opened at 6:30pm and rain started pouring down, but that didn't stop hardcore fans from waiting in the pit, they stuck through just to see one of their favorite bands.

Blondie opened the show at 7:30, and after their set finished organizers had to dump water from the roof onto the crowd. During this time, the crew began setting up Green Day's equipment and fans noticed artwork on Tre's kick drum had been changed, which you can see on the right.

Green Day got on stage around 9:20 PST and started with "99 Revolutions" and "Know Your Enemy", but the band really got the crowd going when they played "Angel Blue" off ¬°UNO!, a song that's only been played live once back in 2012. A couple songs later the band decided to pull out "Before The Lobotomy", a song they haven't played since 2009.

Photos from this show:

This is where the show became interesting! About 40 seconds into "Before The Lobotomy", the sound equipment shorted out (click here to watch) after a rain tarp torn and water landed all over sound board equipment. This left Green Day to play without mics or any stadium amplification, but it didn't stop them, they continued to play songs like Good Riddance (twice) and Basket Case while having the crowd sing along for them.

After doing that for a couple songs, they had some of the power back and got the mics working, so Billie came out and played a a solo acoustic version of "Wake Me Up When September Ends".

The band then continued on with the show with mics but still didn't have stadium amplification back on. During this time the band pulled out "Wild One" and "Peacemaker", songs that the band had sound-checked the night before.

Stadium amplification came back on after performing "Peacemaker" which allowed them to finish the show in full swing starting with "Nuclear Family" and also pulling out "Rusty James". The show came to a close with "Minority".

After the show, Billie posted on Instagram that he had met up with John Kiffmeyer (Green Day's original drummer who left the band in 1990) who happened to be attending the show.

Here is the full setlist:
1. 99 Revolutions
2. Know Your Enemy
3. Angel Blue
4. Stop When The Red Lights Flash
5. Letterbomb
6. Before The Lobotomy
7. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
8. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
9. Basket Case
10. Holiday
11. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
12. Wake Me Up When September Ends
13. Going To Pasalacqua
14. Wild One
15. When I Come Around
16. Jesus Of Suburbia
17. American Idiot
18. Peacemaker
19. Nuclear Family
20. Stay The Night
21. Rusty James
22. Minority

Compared to the official setlist, there's a couple of songs on the list that weren't played as well as "Rusty James" being added on. We don't know if the songs were meant to be played and they had to cut some because of power problems, or they were just there as the option to play.

Photos from the show will continue to be added to this album as we get them in.

Video's from the show: (We will continue to add to the list as they come in)
  • Basket Case

  • Nuclear Family

  • Rusty James
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