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[pic=Billie Joe's BMW]120913_rsz_22.jpg[/pic]If you've been paying attention, you'll remember the last couple cars (and motorcycle) of Billie Joe's that he has recently chosen to put up for sale. We've heard lots over the years of his extensive classic car collection, so he can certainly afford to part with a few. A classic cars sales company in St. Louis appears to have bought one of Billie Joe's cars, a 1972 BMW 2002TII. They are now reselling it on eBay. The car is in great condition, and has been fitted with new lights, speakers/radio, tires, and wheels.

One interesting thing about this particular car is that a picture of Billie Joe driving it was featured as the centerfold spread for the Rolling Stone article chronicling Billie Joe's rehabilitation from last March. The car also comes with a guitar signed by Billie Joe. There are almost 70 photos of the car in the description on the eBay auction page. Also, see the description for one of those accidentally funny passages where a non-Green Day fan tries to cram as many song references in as possible.
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