Here are the top 10 most popular stories from GDA this year.

Top Green Day stories of 2013
10) Green Day's upcoming world tour official named 99 Revolutions Tour
After Green Day's hiatus which started in September of 2012, fans were very excited to come and found out the official name of the tour Green Day would be kicking off within a months time.

9) Billie Joe's handwritten trilogy lyric sheets (with alternate lyrics and some new songs
A special little story written by Jack showcasing some screen-shots from the television version of "Cuatro" that aired, showing some alternate lyrics and songs during the making of the trilogy.

8) Billie Joe & Norah Jones team up to release album of Everly Brothers covers
The most recent project to come out from the Green Day camp. Fans were curious what this new duet would be since it came out of very far left field.

7) Top 15 trilogy songs voted by fans
A little contest we did here on GDA trying to figure out which 15 songs fans liked most.

6) The Jeff Matika Show featuring Billie Joe Armstrong
Green Day's touring guitarist, Jeff Matika, sat down with Billie Joe to answer questions from the fans.

5) American Idiot Converse now available from Journey's
Sexy new shoes that were temporarily available Journey's. If you're still looking for a pair, try eBay.

4) Full recap of Green Day's comeback show last night in Ponoma, CA
Green Day's first show after 6 months. We had photos, setlist and a recap of what the show was like.

3) Billie Joe play St. Jimmy in the American Idiot movie ... when it happens
Director Michael Mayer (who created and directed the American Idiot musical) announced that when the movie was made, Billie Joe would play St. Jimmy. No news since then though.

2) Cuatro release date pushed back
I'm surprised this made it this high on the list. It was announced in early January that the 'making-of' documentary would be pushed back another month for a February release for fans who pre-ordered the box-set of the trilogy.

1) Billie Joe in Rolling Stone magazine "The Road Back From Hell"
No surprise. In Billie Joe's first and only interview following rehab, he sat down with Rolling Stone jounralist David Fricke to talk about the incident at iHeart, what led up to it, and the subsequent rehab for substance abuse.


2013 will go down as quite the interesting year for Green Day fans. Many were unsure what the year would hold and how Green Day would make their return. In spring they traveled around the world in support of Uno, Dos, Tre before finishing up in England in late August. With the exception of a couple random shows in the fall and the release of 'Foreverly', the band have been pretty quiet. Now we wait to see what 2014 hold in store.
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