Green Day live 2012 has posted an article listing the 10 reasons "to get excited about Green Day's Soundwave tour."

To get ready for Green Day's first Soundwave show in Brisbane on Saturday, the music news website lists facts that (hopefully) temp music fans to go see the band as they make their way around Australia as part of the touring festival.

Here are the first five reasons:
1. They turned up which is more than you can say for Megadeth, Sevendust, Stone Temple Pilots, Newsted…
2. They’ve been rehearsing very very hard
3. This will be your last chance to see them for a long time
4. They may be a huge stadium act, but they can still rock out in a 200-capacity pub
5. They played an epic, two-encore set at Reading Festival

To view six through ten along with supporting details for each, check out the article on

Green Day plays their first show at the Soundwave tour Saturday (which is today in Australia) in Brisbane. Their headlining set begins at 7:00pm local time, which is about nine hours from the time of this posting.

To help prepare, the band played a surprise warm-up gig Thursday evening - check out our recap of the show.
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