[pic=Chris Dugan]022514_chrisdugan.jpg[/pic]MIX, a professional audio and music production magazine, recently sat down with Chris Dugan, Green Day's sound engineer, to talk about his entrance into the music producing scene, recording Green Day, and where he stands today.

As they are arguably his biggest project, Green Day was brought up quite a bit by the interviewer. Chris had a few things to say about recording the band.

[quote]It always caught me a little off-guard how good their records sounded. They were really into recording—more so than any band I’d ever recorded. They certainly knew the process and they knew what sounds good.[/quote]
[quote]By the time I started working with them, they’d been through a lot. But it’s been a great experience. They’ve pushed me a lot—‘Can we make this sound better?’ ‘Um, okay, let’s try this.’ We experiment a lot, which is really fun.[/quote]
Chris has been doing stuff with the band since early 2000 when he was hired by Adeline to record an album Billie Joe Armstrong was producing.

Chris did some recording for a couple tracks on Shenanigans and American Idiot before he was chief engineer for 21st Century Breakdown, ¡UNO! ¡DOS! ¡TRÉ!, Foreverly, and Demolicious. Chris also does a lot of work in the photo and video department for the band.

The full interview, which is especially interesting to those who are familiar with audio recording, can be read on MIX's website.
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