These Paper Bullets
The Courant has interviewed director Jackson Gay and writer Rolin Jones about the upcoming production, "These Paper Bullets," which premieres this Friday at Yale Rep Theatre in New Haven, CT.

Compared to the two's interview with the New Haven Reigster, Gay and Jones expand a bit in this interview on the songs Billie Joe wrote for the play. Jones states that Billie Joe sent a few songs he had already written and were archived in his home studio, songs that "weren't appropriate for Green Day."

"There are also three songs that are presented in the show on juke boxes, on record or on film, that Armstrong pre-recorded in his own studio, playing all the parts. Two of the songs were tunes Armstrong had written but that had not been used for any other project."

This makes it sound like the versions Billie Joe recorded himself will be played during the play. Just the other day, one of the songs, "Follow You Around," was released.

We will find out tomorrow, Friday, March 14th, what the songs sound like as the production premieres. More information is on the Yale Repertory Theatre's website.

American Idiot
Also in the interview, Jones states he is finishing up the screen play for the film adaptation of the American Idiot musical by the end of this month. The movie has been picked up by Universal Studios.

When comparing the film to the musical, Jones says:

"The idea is to get it a little dirtier and a little nastier and translate it into visual terms. There's not going to be a lot of dialogue and it probably should be a little shorter, too. After that, it just takes it's 'movie time' in getting done."

Last July, Michael Mayer, the film and musical's director, confirmed that Billie Joe will play St. Jimmy in the film.

Since the script is still being worked on it's safe to assume actual production of the film - much less its release - is still a ways off. None-the-less, it's good to know progress is still being made on it.

Thanks to sabrina for sending in this news.
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