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In case you missed the news, the Foxboro Hot Tubs played two shows at SXSW in Austin, Texas.

The first was on Friday, and included PINS and Emily's Army as openers. You can check out the setlist, photos, and other information on the show here, in our tour section. Also, read these great recap articles from Rock Candy and Yahoo! Music. And here's a spectacular photo of The Rev showering fans with the band's signature Pabst Blue Ribbon:

Below is a time-lapse video of the entire Brazos Hall show, from set-up and soundcheck through the sets of Emily's Army and Foxboro Hot Tubs (part of "Mother Mary"):


The second Foxboro Hot Tubs show took place yesterday afternoon at Rachael Ray's Feedback Festival. The venue was the tiny Stubb's BBQ, a joint previously played by the Tubbies on their brief 2008 tour. The show started a bit late, but looked like an absolute party. You can view the setlist, photos, and show info in our tour section, here. Also, read a review of the Feedback Festival performance from Yahoo. Both of these shows featured balloons, SillyString-shooting alligators, confetti, and Pabst. Lots of Pabst. The Rev threw beer all over, but didn't drink any himself. The photo below shows that it ain't easy being The Rev:

Here's an Instagram video from Adrienne Armstrong of the Tubbies shredding through "Stop Drop and Roll":

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